Canskate Levels 1,2,3,4,5,6

Hockey Players, Figure Skaters and Recreational Skaters:  Learn how to Fall Down, Get Back Up, Skate Forwards and Backwards, Start, Stop, Turn Around Quickly, perform Cross-Cuts and Inside and Outside Edges Effectively!  

CanSkate, the only National Learn-to-Skate program teaches the fundamentals of skating for both Hockey, Figure Skating and Recreational Skating.  Membership benefits in the CanSkate program include: Badges, colouring sheets, parent information sheets, progress updates and report cards, special CanSkate events, Carnival and club functions….And the opportunity to participate in a positive healthy lifestyle activity.

Our specially trained Program Assistants who are mature, Senior StarSkaters assist our Skate Canada Coaches, giving every CanSkater the individual attention they deserve.  New this year we are fortunate to have a mature Hockey Player volunteering as a Program Assistant with our CanSkate Program. Every CanSkater will get a minimum of a 10-12 minute group lesson each week, group warm-up and cool down as well as an ongoing maxium ratio of 10 CanSkaters to 1 Program Assistant.



Dates:  First Monday in October to Last Thursday in March

                        (approximately 24 weeks)

Times: Mondays: Seniors 4-5pm, Canskate 5-6pm, Juniors 6-7pm

             Wednesdays: Juniors 4-5pm, Seniors 5-6pm

             Thursdays: Juniors 4-5pm, Seniors from 5-6pm and Canskate from 6-7pm.

Ice Show:Late March/early April

FALL SKATE: September 3rd to October 1st for two hours for $150.00. Email us to sign up!

Each year, Financial Assistance and Funding Options are made available through the generosity of  “Giving BAACK”, and “Jumpstart


Star Skate Program

There are four different strands to figure skating: Dance, Freeskate, Intrepretive, and Skills. There are four different levels to these strands: Preliminary, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  At our Club, Junior StarSkaters are starting to work on Preliminary strands, Intermediate StarSkaters are in the process of finishing up their Preliminary strands.  Senior StarSkaters have passed their Preliminary Freeskate and Preliminary Skills tests.

One 10 minute Stroking Lessons are included each week.


Junior Star Skate

In Junior StarSkate, we offer a concentrated group lesson approach to skating instruction. The group lesson is designed to give recent CanSkate graduates an introduction into figure skating skills.  A structured session includes:  Stroking, Freeskate, Dance and Skating Skills.

One 10 minute Stroking Lessons are included each week.


Junior/Intermediate/Senior StarSkate

Bancroft Skating Club is proud to have on staff Three SkateCanada Qualified Coaches.

Private lessons with our Coaches usually cost between $10.00 and $15.00 per 15 minute session.

Some Junior Star Skaters choose to take group lessons to become confident in their skills first, and then start into private lessons with a Coach.  Others may choose to do both group and private lessons at the same time.  What ever you choose, be sure that you will get first class coaching from our staff.

Skate Canada Qualified Coaches:

Sarah Dillabough

 Jennifer Knopp           (613) 332-4292 

Guy Gordon                (705) 657-7144  

Martina Hill                 (613) 332-6059  



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