Bancroft Skating Club Code of Conduct Policy               

 Date Created: June 17, 2011


  • Skaters are representatives of the Bancroft Skating Club whether in our arena or away at competitions and as such are expected to conduct themselves in a proper and polite manner which includes no profanity
  • As representatives of the BSC, skaters should not wear a competing skating club’s teamwear while skating for BSC on home ice or away
  • Skaters must yield the right of way to other skaters in a private lesson and especially if their music is playing
  • No standing around (chatting) on the ice surface
  • No kicking, stomping, picking or making intentional snow on the ice surface
  • Pushing, tripping, horseplay, tag or intentional interference with other skaters is NOT permitted on the ice or elsewhere in the arena
  • Parents/Guardians of skaters are responsible for the behaviour of their child during all sessions
  • Only members in good standing with the club will be allowed to take tests and participate in club competitions. Members not in good standing may be suspended.
  • Skaters are not allowed to leave the ice surface without the coach’s permission
  • All skaters have the right to a safe environment both on and off the ice, and as such verbal and/or physical abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and could result in immediate suspension.

  • All suspension decisions shall be at the sole discretion of the Board.


Three Strike Rule

If a skater is in violation of the code of conduct she/he will be:

1. Warned and parents/guardians verbally informed.

2. Skater will be warned again with written letters to skater, coach and parent/guardian.

3. Skater will be suspended at the board's discretion (usual minimum 1 month).

If the behaviour of a skater is in serious breech of conduct (at board’s discretion) said skater may be immediately suspended

**In cases of suspension NO REFUND of any kind will be granted**

Policies for Safety and Sportsmanship

  • StarSkate skaters should be in proper skating attire - dresses or skirts preferred warm up pants and sweat pants allowed - absolutely NO jeans or pajama pants
  • Young skaters and other children MUST NOT be left unattended while at the arena. Parents/Guardians of TinyTots/CanSkate and Juniors MUST remain in attendance during their child’s lesson
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed on the ice during lessons and are not permitted to remain in the player’s bench or inside the ice pad area. Parents/Guardians may watch their children from the stands or through the glass so as to not interfere with lessons or block access to the ice.
  • CSA approved helmets are mandatory for all Skaters not skating on a StarSkate session bike helmets will not be permitted
  • Hair must be pulled back
  • Enter ice along the boards rather than possibly in the path of another skater
  • All times are set by the arena clock
  • Money and valuables should not be left in the change areas. The club bears no responsibility for loss or theft
  • Skaters are allowed to skate only on the sessions they are qualified and registered for - or have board approval
  • All complaints or concerns must be addressed to the board in writing; either given to a board member or by email. A decision, if required, will be made at the next scheduled board meeting. Board members may not be sought out individually at the arena, their home or place of business to register complaints.


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